Monday, August 29, 2005

Cloth again

(related to this previous post)

I couldn't stay away from the cloth,
so i've put together a change set which includes a decent demo.

I added collision with spheres,
and in addition added something which altho i'm sure it's been done, i've never seen, which is: not only does cloth make way for the sphere, it also pushes the sphere around. I've only ever seen fairly static objects which the cloth humbly obeys, but it's simple enough to additionally have the cloth push the sphere.

The changeset files-in to a stock Croquet0.3 image, and is located here:

The changeset includes a pop-up menu with different preset situations.
The presets run fairly fast (20 or 30Hz or so) on my 3.2GHz windows machine,
with the major caveat that performance seriously degrades over time. I'm not sure why this is. I think it may have something to do with squeak garbage collection.

Pretty close to some initial conditions. It's billowing up because of 'wind'.
The cloth is anchored along its four edges.

A bit more billowing.

Holding a sphere. The sphere rolls around fairly nicely.

One of 8 exciting preset scenes: A sphere bowling into a cloth which is anchored only along the top edge.


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